Tips to Make Your Wedding More Sustainable

Posted by Florence Clark on 06th April 2018

The Large Barn

Minimise the environmental impact of your wedding

It's just getting to our wedding season at Bore Place, which is always an exciting time of the year for us when the house and gardens come alive with celebrations. Every year we hold a small number of weddings for couples who appreciate the unique setting and sustainability agenda of Bore Place.

Weddings can have an enormous impact on the environment but there are small steps you can take to try and limit yours.

Josie Yems who heads up our events team shares her top tips here:

The Venue: Choose a venue with an environmental policy that includes recycling and energy saving as well as one that is local to reduce emissions for transport

Flowers: Flowers can be very unsustainable. Many are grown in hot countries and are air-freighted to the UK as well as being grown using harsh chemicals and with poor working conditions for the pickers. Choose local, seasonal posies for floral decorations instead - which is always easy to do during the summer months when English species are in season. There are a number of florists who specialise in locally grown flowers. For example, Blooming Green Flowers situated in Linton, near Maidstone, offer organically grown, seasonal flowers from April until June. 

Bore Place House

Food: Choose seasonal, local and where possible organic produce for your menu. Our chef, Richard, at Bore Place prepares menus using locally-sourced, organic food often just picked from our own market garden. 

Other Tips: 

  • Use recyclable paper for invites 
  • Use dried flowers rather than conventional confetti, it's biodegradable!
  • Avoid using disposable plastic cups - you can easily hire reusables         


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