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Bore Place is situated in glorious Wealden Kent countryside with easy access to many pretty villages, pubs and Bough Beech reservoir. We make an ideal base from which to cycle with free parking on site and several routes starting on the estate.

Electric bikes can be hired from local company Country Hire & Go who will deliver and collect to/from Bore Place.

From Bore Place you can explore the pretty villages of Weald, Chiddingstone or Hever, or there is a gentle (if a little bumpy in places) 3km ride to Bough Beech reservoir.

Route 1: Bough Beech Reservoir

Mostly off road: 4.41 miles (7.1km)

Grade: Easy due to short distance and very little ascent

Time: Approx 45 minutes, but allow 1hr 30 min to fully appreciate the route

Take a relaxing ride through the countryside to Bough Beech reservoir. There’s plenty of opportunity for wildlife spotting and to enjoy the peaceful landscape.

Download Bough Beech Reservoir loop

Route 2: Sevenoaks Weald and Yorks Hill Loop

Mostly off road: 4.41 miles (7.1km)

This route is best suited for more experienced cyclists as it includes a steep off-road section of hillside which then provides a marvellous descent back to Bore Place at the end of your ride.

Grade: Moderate due to relatively short distance with significant ascent

Time: Allow up to 3 hours

Download Sevenoaks Weald and Yorkshill loop

Route 3: Sevenoaks Weald and Yorks Hill Road Loop

All road: 10.4 miles (16.8km)

Cycle through the Sevenoaks Weald followed by a steep climb to the top of Bayley’s Hill. Take in the glorious views before descending steeply, then gliding past Bough Beech Reservoir and retiring back to Bore Place.

Grade: Moderate due to relatively short distance with quite significant total ascent

Time: Allow up to 3 hours

Download Sevenoaks Weald and Yorkshill Road loop

Route 4: Knole and Ightham Mote Loop

All road: 22.7 miles (36.3km)

This scenic loop offers an enjoyable and more challenging route option through Knole Park. Picturesque country lanes through Ightham, followed by impressive views of Ightham Mote Tudor mansion as you descend into the Sevenoaks Weald.

Grade: Moderate + includes a little over 200m of total ascent over the first 20km

Time: Allow at least 4 hours

Download Knole and Ightham Mote loop



Our cycling route PDF contains useful information about our bike rides and a useful map as well.



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