The Estate

500 acres of unspoilt countryside, less than an hour from London. Find out more about our organic dairy farm, our ancient woodlands as well as some of the partners we work with on-site We have a long-term vision to regenerate our estate and restore biodiversity and are committed to providing a place where people and nature can work together.


Wildlife and Nature

We have an abundance of wildlife and nature living at Bore Place. We are committed to finding ways to improve biodiversity including surveying species to improve our understanding of how we can farm and manage our estate regeneratively.

Regenerative agriculture

The Farm

Commonwork Organic Farm, based at Bore Place is a dairy farm with a herd of 250 cows. The farm has been certified as organic since 2000. We are committed to farming regeneratively and exploring ways to produce food whilst regenerating the environment, providing habitats for wildlife and improving the estate's biodiversity.  


Bore Place Produce

At the heart of Bore Place lies a commitment to exploring better ways to produce food. Working with partners and local businesses we are committed to growing, producing and serving delicious, locally-grown, organic produce.



Managing the woodlands of the 500-acre Bore Place estate in a way that encourages wildlife is key to our mission and our commitment to improving biodiversity here.



We have been making efforts to decarbonise for over 15 years and are committed to ensuring the farm and the wider estate are carbon neutral by 2030 with a wider ambition of becoming carbon negative.

Regenerative Farming

Our Soils

Healthy soil is critical to regenerative farming. We aim to farm in a way that regenerates soil health. Restoring soil reduces atmospheric CO2 and dramatically improves water retention which is increasingly important with climate change and drier summers. It also helps with grass growth. Ensuring adequate grass growth to feed the herd is vital to a dairy farm.


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