Commonwork Trust Complaints Procedure

Commonwork Trust aims to provide the best possible service. It acknowledges that the effective management of complaints is key to the provision of a quality service and provides a platform for obtaining feedback to resolve disputes and to reform policies and procedures. Commonwork Trust values its service users’ feedback and will undertake to respond to your complaint fairly and impartially, with care and concern. The Trust will also seek to learn from complaints which are upheld and make changes where necessary.

The Trust will thoroughly investigate any complaint, whether informal or formal, relating to the day-to-day operation of Bore Place and the standard of service it provides.

The procedure is for people who have used the services at Bore Place or have asked it to provide a service or feel they have not received a service it said it would provide.

Trust staff wishing to make a complaint are to refer to the Trust’s Staff Grievance Policy & Procedure.

You can complain to Commonwork Trust about:

  • A service we have provided or failed to provide
  • A decision we have made
  • A data protection decision

You can use this complaints procedure if you volunteer with the Trust.

You cannot use this complaints procedure if you are paid for the work you do. Employees should follow the Grievance Policy and procedure. Contractors should follow the terms of their contract.

We are committed to giving you the best service we can, but there may be a time you need to complain. You may be able to resolve your complaint by speaking informally to a member of our staff. If this does not resolve your complaint, or you feel it is difficult or inappropriate to do this, then you should use this complaints procedure.

This complaints procedure is for:

  • People who have used our services, or have asked us to provide a service and are not happy
  • People who feel they have not received a service that we said we would provide
  • A complaint about something that has happened in the last three months

We will ensure that your complaint is:

  • Treated seriously
  • Handled fairly without bias or discrimination

How to complain

To complain, you should tell us:

  • What you think went wrong
  • What you think we should do to put it right

You should also tell us your name, address, email address, daytime telephone number and, if someone is making the complaint on your behalf, a letter from you saying they are making the complaint for you.

Your complaint should be sent to:

Caroline Arnold (CEO)
Bore Place, Chiddingstone, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 7AR

If your complaint concerns the CEO you can complain directly to the Chair of Trustees:

Paul Turner (Chair of Trustees)

What happens next

When your complaint is received, we will look into your complaint and aim to reply to you within 30 days. We will reply in writing stating our response to the complaint, the reasons for our response, and any action we will be taking.

In our reply we will also give details of how you can complain to the Chair of the Board of Trustees if you are unsatisfied. We will also give the Chair of our Board of Trustees a copy of your complaint and our response.

If you are not satisfied

If you are unhappy with our initial response then you can request for the Chair of the Board of Trustees to review our response. You must do this within 30 days from the date of our initial response to you.

You may do this by contacting:

Paul Turner (Chair of Trustees)

The Chair of the Board of Trustees will aim to reply to you within 30 days of you asking for a review. The reply will tell you the outcome of the review, give reasons for the outcome, and tell you any action that we will take. This reply is our final response to your complaint.


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