Bore Place Food Commitment

Bore Place serves healthy, wholesome food with a focus on seasonality, local and organic produce. We work with a network of local producers and suppliers who share our values to serve the produce of Kent (and its neighbouring counties) in delicious, inspiring menus that promote overall wellbeing.

Our kitchen:

  • Uses as many ingredients as possible that are produced or grown at Bore Place.
  • Prioritises the use of seasonal produce.
  • Focusses on sourcing all food locally from farms and producers that share our values, avoiding the use of air-freighted imports.
  • Uses organic produce where possible.
  • Promotes the consumption of vegetarian and vegan food.
  • Serves meat that is either Bore Place organic beef, local wild game (hunted responsibly) or other ethically sourced organic or local free-range meat, reared by farmers with a regenerative agenda.
  • Reduces the amount of food waste and ensures that all food waste is reused or composted.
  • Considers carefully how much food to produce to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • Serves healthy and well-balanced meals and snacks cooked from scratch using wholegrain foods, minimising the use of refined sugars, and promoting the consumption of nutrient rich food.
  • Sources Fairtrade products where appropriate (e.g., coffee, chocolate)
  • Sources fish sustainably, seasonally and ethically by ensuring it is MSC certified and/or from small boats operating from the Sussex or Kent coastlines.


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