Sunday 14th November 2021

Bough Beech Volunteers - Rushy Meadow Task pt. II

Posted by Andrew Thomas

On 14th November a group of Bough Beech volunteers gathered for a Sunday task in Rushy Meadow.

The main work was to clear some of the vegetation in and around the four ponds to prevent them becoming overgrown. While maintaining a balance between open water, submerged and emergent vegetation, it is important to clear only one third of the pond at any time in order to protect the aquatic animals, so this is an annual task

Crassula helmsii is a vigorous, non-native water plant which has invaded some of our ponds, if left to its own devices would cover the whole pond area and out compete other species. Although we removed a lot of this from the ponds it will be back. We don’t eradicate vigorous plants we only manage them.

Another group cut willow from the stream edge. The recent occurrence of a beautiful damselfly called The Willow Emerald which lays its eggs on willow overhanging the water means that we must be extra careful when trimming willow to preserve these branches.

Willow Emerald

While some of us cut some areas of rush on the bank near the Oast we found a Reed Bunting’s old nest, so we always leave some areas of rush uncut.

Some new volunteers have joined the group this year and the interest shown in the work by walkers and bird watchers is very encouraging. There are regular tasks on Fridays and on the second Sunday of each month. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Becky at


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