Kent student Amber's take on the 6th form global issues conference...

Posted by Amber, 6th form student in Kent on 22nd November 2016

Run by students for students, here's Amber's take on the 6th form Global Climate Change Conference.

Bore Place: Thanks for the post Amber and to all the other students who took part on the day.

My name is Amber and I am 17 years old and currently studying A levels at a school in Kent. On the 17th March 2016 I was fortunate enough to attend a Global Climate Change conference which Bore Place hosted and organised. The conference was run by members of UWC Atlantic College and pupils from schools across Kent were able to attend.

The students from UWC came from all over the world from places like Pakistan to Tanzania to Portugal. It was fascinating to hear about their personal experiences and problems they faced in their own countries which they felt passionately about.

During the day

We were given the opportunity to discuss global issues and possible solutions with a core focus on sustainability throughout.

6th form student presentation on sustainability

We deliberated topical issues on climate justice such as whether it is developed countries’ responsibility to help poorer nations become more eco-friendly or if they should not intervene. I think it is vital to consider that every action taken will have consequences so it is necessary to evaluate the outcomes of these decisions in as much detail as possible to make our world more sustainable environmentally, socially and economically.

Speaker on ecotourism

We also had time at the end to propose an action plan in groups about how to make our schools more eco-friendly because as well as working on an international scale, local actions can also make a difference and help to reduce the damage and degradation that has been inflicted on the environment.

6th form group discussionsmall group discussion

Parting thoughts...

What I found particularly thought-provoking about the day was listening to other people's points of view on these global issues as many people had different beliefs and we were able to debate these matters. This is an enormous benefit. It raises awareness of the problems and as the world is constantly changing it is important to be updated on current events because only if people are educated about the issue will they be in a place to do something about it. Thank you Bore Place for giving students the opportunity to learn more about the world.

Here's some more images from the day - thank you everyone!

6th form conference registration2 6th form students at conference

6th form workshop outside6th form workshop outside

 6th form student presentation on sustainabilitylunchtime at 6th form conference

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