Sunday 1st September | 10:30am - 4:00pm

Summer Apple Pruning Course - 1 day

This course is run by Underwoodsman Ltd at Bore Place.

Summer pruning encourages flowers to set and increases fruit yield. Instruction also applies to pear trees.

The course will start at Bore Place, looking at the apple trees that were pruned during the January pruning course to see how well they have responded, as well as trees that remain overgrown. The course will then move to Mike’s garden where you will see well-established apple trees that have been maintained over a number of years, and learn how to summer-prune them to encourage flower set, fruiting yield, restrict growth and consolidate the establishment of form following winter pruning.

There will be plenty of opportunity to gain hands-on experience.
The course will be rounded off with a Kentish cream tea with homemade jams and scones (hopefully in the sunshine!)

For full info and to book, please visit



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