Green Tourism

Why Choose Green Tourism?

"Choosing a green business means choosing a business which is positively working towards being sustainable: one which is accountable and genuine in its approach" (Green Tourism)

We thought you might also like to know some of the ways you are "being green" when here!

Contributing to the local economy

Whenever possible we provide visitors with goods and services from local suppliers. For example the High Weald Dairy who make superb organic cheeses and Infinity Foods Co-operative Ltd who keep us stocked with a range of environmentally sensitive and ethically sourced food, soft drinks and household goods.

Supporting local schools and young people

Visitors can buy organic veg grown on site by our Grow to Grow programme, a social enterprise which provides opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. Our education programme provides local school children with the chance to visit the farm and gardens and learn about farming, food, renewable energies and sustainable living.

Considering the impact of travel on the environment and communities

We use and provide visitors with organic and fairtrade goods, and encourage recycling of waste in the various bins provided. All our cleaning products are from Ecover and have minimal environmental impact.

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