Climate Emergency

Recuding our impact on our planet and finding ways to live and work that is tune with the world around us has been at our core since 1976. The Climate Emergency is not new to us. Finding ways to farm, live and run Bore Place as sustainably as possible, as well as to share our experience and learning, is the heart of the Trust’s work. 

Low carbon at Bore Place

Since 2003, Bore Place has been committed to exploring and undertaking different measures to achieve a low carbon emissions site. We have done so by reducing carbon outputs from fossil fuels to minimise our contribution to climate change.

We audit and monitor our progress and continue to seek ways to further reduce our carbon emissions.

Our highlights

We have achieved an approximate reduction of carbon emissions by 50%. This has largely been achieved through the installation of renewable energy installations:

2010 Solar Thermal panels installed for heating and water
2011 Solar Photovoltaic panels installed for electricity generation (50kW)
2012 Wind turbine installed for electricity (11kW)
2015 Biomass energy used for onsite heating and water (300kW)

Other work we’ve undertaken includes the provision of 2 car electric charging points, conversion of redundant farm buildings for use by visitors and schools, reusing building materials wherever possible. We use coppiced wood from our woodland for fuel, green wood products and courses. Since 2017 we have been using wood chips from our own woods in our biomass boilers.

In 2019 we prepared an Integrated Farm Management Plan for Bore Place Farm setting our approach to provide a model of best practice in the sustainable and high-welfare production of food and the enhancement of its environment.

What next?

To enable us to reduce our climate impact even further in 2020 we will:

  • complete a farm wide carbon assessment
  • assess options to decarbonise the estate to achieve net zero by 2030

We welcome exchange of ideas and experience - get in touch if you'd like to find out more about our work towards making Bore Place a low carbon emissions site.

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