There are over 60 acres of woodlands and shaws at Bore Place

Most of the woodlands are ancient coppiced woodlands. A mix of ash, oak and hazel trees, they're managed by our Underwoodsman, using funds from the English Woodland Grant Scheme run by the Forestry Commission.

You can see some of the most beautiful woodland areas on the Bore Place Walks.

Wildlife in the woods

See what wildlife you can spot – the woods are alive with a diverse range of trees and plants, butterflies and other invertebrates, birds and small mammals. Carpets of bluebells in the spring, and white admiral butterflies in the summer are highlights. Look out for nightingales, wild service trees, dormice and badgers.


There are at least 26 ponds at Bore Place! Most of them originate from the Middle Ages when clay was extracted for brick making. Some ponds (nearer the house) were also dug for fish ponds or landscape features, and recently, for wildlife. The ponds are designated as Local Wildlife Sites and you can see a range of wildlife – grass snakes swimming, toads, frogs and newts, including the Great Crested Newt, kingfishers hunting, dragon and damsel flies, and loads of aquatic bugs and beasties!


Over 15 miles of hedgerows criss-cross Bore Place. They are some of the oldest features on the farm. There are assort hedges – remnants of the woodland that covered England after the last Ice Age, which were left to delineate the fields that had been hacked from that woodland. And there are newer hedges – usually planted in straighter lines. Some of the most recent were planted during the farm's organic conversion in 1998-2000.

The woodlands are also a valuable resource

We use logs to fuel the Bore Place House and wood for furniture making, wattle hurdles and hedging materials, bean poles and pea sticks. We are planning to produce our own woodchips for use in our 2 woodchip boilers which provide heating and hot water on site.


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