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Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Information will be kept confidentially and only used to help us successfully undertake our work, in compliance with GDPR regulations. Your answers and emergency contact details will be shared with your Volunteer Task Leaders. For more information please see our Privacy Statement here.

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I confirm that the information I have given is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the information will be:

  • Collected and treated in confidence by Bore Place.
  • Not shared with a third party without my agreement.
  • Processed in accordance with your rights and our data protection obligations.
  • Used only for legitimate business purposes.

Diversity Questionnaire (optional)

We would be grateful if you could complete the information below. It is not compulsory, but we aim to better reflect the communities we work in. The information will not influence your application and will be treated with the strictest confidence. It will be used to understand the makeup of our volunteer team so that we can encourage under-represented groups in the community. You may skip any question which you do not feel comfortable answering.

Volunteer Agreement

To make volunteering at Bore Place a satisfying and safe experience for both parties, we would ask that you please understand and uphold the following standards.

Please read the following agreement carefully before electronically signing below.

We (Bore Place) agree to do our best to:

  • Provide an induction to all aspects of your role, including the organisation and relevant staff.
  • Explain, and apply, policies and procedures including: Health and Safety, Diversity and Equality, Data Protection, Confidentiality, Complaints and Safeguarding.
  • Provide regular opportunities to give and receive constructive feedback on your role.
  • Respect your skills, dignity and individual wishes and help you reach your personal goals through volunteering.
  • Accommodate any reasonable changes that would assist you.
  • Pay agreed out-of-pocket expenses promptly.
  • Consult with you and keep you informed of possible business changes.
  • Provide personal injury and public liability insurance.

In signing this agreement, I, the volunteer, agree to do my best to:

  • Volunteer to the best of my ability in my agreed role once I have completed and understood my induction.
  • Give as much warning as possible if I am unable to volunteer as arranged.
  • Act in line with the organisation’s aims, values and policies, including Health and Safety, Diversity, Equality, Data Protection, Confidentiality, Complaints and Safeguarding.
  • Act in a non-discriminatory way at all times and report any unfair treatment.
  • Take part in meetings to provide and receive feedback.
  • Raise any concerns I have with my task leader or the Volunteer Administrator as soon as possible.
  • As necessary, work with different members of the public including those with mental and/or physical health conditions, in rehabilitation, or suffering from debilitating conditions such as dementia.
  • Treat all other volunteers and staff with respect, dignity and patience and show support.

I understand that:

  • Some volunteering activities may be physically demanding, and I consider myself fit to undertake the activities. I will promptly inform my contact if this changes and request any adjustments I may need.
  • It is useful to have protection against tetanus when working outdoors.
  • Equipment issued to me is not my property and will be returned when requested.
  • I can refuse any activity I feel falls outside my role or is unrealistic.
  • I am a volunteer and not an employee of Bore Place.
  • My involvement may be reviewed and concluded at any time by either party.
  • Bore Place does not permit drug or alcohol use during volunteering sessions.
  • If I am taking any prescription drugs which may affect my ability to perform certain tasks, I will inform my task coordinator.
  • In accordance with smoking legislation and in order to provide an environment which is pleasant and healthy, smoking and vaping is only permitted in designated areas.

This agreement is in honour only and not a legally binding contact. It may be terminated at any time by either side.

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