Accessibility at Bore Place

Accessibility Guide for Bore Place

Bore Place includes a Jacobean manor house as well as buildings that have been recently developed and renovated. Despite the limitations of some of our buildings, we are committed to providing facilities that are accessible to the widest possible audience, actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of the site. We regularly welcome many guests with additional needs and we aim to make Bore Place a space that facilitates participation and enjoyment for all. 

At a glance

Level Access & Wheelchair Users

  • There is level access from the car park to Reception and Middle Yard. (There is shingle outside of Middle Yard. We can help if this presents accessibility issues.)
  • The Large Barn is accessible via a permanent ramp.
  • There is level access into the Old Stable. There is a lip to get in through the door, we have a ramp if required. This building offers fully accessible overnight accommodation with bedrooms and a bathroom adapted for wheelchair users available on the ground floor with level access and wide doors.
  • Bore Place House has limited accessibility from the patio with a ramp. 


  • There is a hearing loop available on site for visitors to use. 

Assistance Dogs

  • We welcome assistance dogs at Bore Place and in our buildings. No other animals are permitted in buildings. 


  • We are committed to making everyone's time at Bore Place enjoyable and inspiring. If you need assistance before you arrive or for special arrangements to be made whilst you are here, please get in touch at

Our address is Bore Place, Bore Place Road, Chiddingstone, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 7AR. 

There is no regular public transport which serves Bore Place, however, there are taxis available from Sevenoaks, Edenbridge and Tonbridge. 

Arrival and Parking Facilities

Bore Place has a large car park at the entrance of the site. Access from this car park to the main site is on level ground but is 100m away. There are also several disabled parking spaces at the heart of the site offering shorter access to the site, including outside the Small Barn, the Old Stables and provisional places outside of Bore Place House.

Taxis and cars may drive to the front of buildings to drop off guests and luggage. 

Bore Place Buildings:

Middle Yard

  • There is level access to this building and it is fully accessible for wheelchair users, with Marmoleum flooring, wide doors and disabled toilet facilities. 
  • The doors are manually operated but there is a receptionist on hand to help. There is a wheel-chair accessible bell outside should assistance be required. 
  • There is a disabled toilet available in this building, with an emergency alarm. 
  • There is a hearing loop available for visitors to use.  

Bore Place House

  • There is ramped access into Bore Place House via the courtyard but the ground floor has several steps which are too steep to be ramped between the kitchen and the rest of the ground floor, so there is no disabled access into the kitchen. 
  • There is a disabled toilet on the ground floor with an emergency alarm. 
  • We currently do not have any accessible bedrooms on the ground floor of Bore Place House. 
  • There is level access to the patio of Bore Place House but parts of the garden are inaccessible.
  • All doors are manually operated. 

The Old Stables

This is our most accessible overnight accommodation

  • There is almost level access into the Old Stables. There is a lip on the door, a ramp is provided to ease access. 
  • There are disabled toilets and accessible shower on the ground floor. These include an emergency alarm. 
  • There are accessible bedrooms with emergency pull cords which are compatible with portable hoists. Accessible bedrooms are also equipped with touch-sensitive lights that are accessible from the beds. 
  • The dining area and living area of the Old Stables are fully accessible.
  • Some of the bedrooms feature lower light switches and coat hooks. 
  • Fire alarms in the Old Stables are strobes as well as audible alarms
  • All doors in the Old Stables have low-level door protectors fitted. 
  • All doors are manually operated. 

The Small Barn

This building is only accessible on the ground floor with a ramp. The bedrooms are up steep spiral staircases and the bathrooms are not accessible. 

The Large Barn

  • There is level access to the Large Barn
  • There is no accessible toilet in this building but it is located a short distance away from Middle Yard which is fully accessible. 

Gardens at Bore Place and the Bore Place Walks

  • Parts of the Bore Place gardens are accessible. These include immediately outside the Old Stables and Small Barn where this is a small water feature. There is also an accessible area beyond this where our pizza oven is situated. From Bore Place House there is another accessible path along the walled garden into the Green Man Glade - a clearing in the trees where we often have campfires. 
  • The Bore Place Walks are not wheelchair accessible, covering uneven ground, with access including stiles and gates. However, there is an accessible short mini trail loop which leads from the car park, over the stream to the meadow, back into the wild garden, emerging into the Green Man Glade and back to the start. We recognise that access for independent electric scooter/wheelchair users can be further improved and we have plans for this – if you would like to make any suggestions once you have experienced the site, please let us know: or 01732 463255.

Glamping at Bore Place

  • This is accessed across a steep, uneven, unlit field.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. Staff at Bore Place are committed to ensuring the accessibility of the site and to ensuring the best experience for all visitors. 

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