Happy Belly Foods

Happy Belly Foods was founded by Rachna Jhala in 2009 after she learnt about Kefir from a neighbour in New York City. Although not based at Bore Place, it is a local company that uses the organic milk produced by the Bore Place dairy herd. Happy Belly Foods produces a range of 'gut-friendly' products including Raw Milk Kefir, Sweet Coconut Raw Kefir and Misti Doi, a sweetened speciality yoghurt.  

Much has been written recently about the human microbiome and the link between our gut and our wider health including the impact gut health can have on our hormones, digestion, mood, mental health and general well being. Rachna has personally experienced the benefits of improved gut health acquired through drinking kefir which resulted in an improvement in her own asthma. She is evangelical about the benefits improved gut health can offer and her products are all produced to promote this. 

Rachna and the Happy Belly team are available to run yoghurt and kefir making workshops for guests staying at Bore Place. Please enquire for details. 

Happy Belly is committed to bringing well being to local communities whilst minimising their carbon footprint. They use organically produced raw ingredients and source as much as possible locally, including milk from Commonwork Farm, based at Bore Place. They have also recently launched a local delivery service and ensure that their packaging is recyclable. 

You can find out more about Happy Belly Foods here

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