The Team

Here are some of the people who work at Bore Place.  We also have great support from teams of tutors and volunteers. In total the voluntary and paid working community comprises approximately 90 people.

Alistair joined the team as our new Farm Manager in May 2017. More info coming soon...

I have been working on the Grow to Grow project at Bore Place since May 2010.  I trained as an Occupational Therapist in 2004 and have worked in a variety of public sector settings including working with amputee and surgery patients, with adults with learning difficulties and for Social Services.  My last job was in the NHS working on an inpatient mental health ward in Camden.  I did a permaculture diploma in 2006 and became interested in linking food growing and sustainable land use, with my experience in working with people with mental health issues, using meaningful activity as a therapeutic tool.  The Grow to Grow project does all this and more!

My current role involves overseeing the day-to-day running of the Grow to Grow project, taking referrals, supporting the young people with their placements, and working alongside Colm in the market garden to ensure the social enterprise runs smoothly and helps the young people.

I graduated from the University of Leeds with a Psychology BSc in 2010 and, after a bit of working and backpacking, I started at Bore Place in January 2012. My role here involves coordinating the school visits, public courses/workshops and providing administrative support in the office. I enjoy organising things and working with people and my job allows me to do just that – I work with colleagues across departments and with lots of different people from outside the organisation in order to help things run smoothly.

If you’d like to book onto a workshop or course, or you’re a teacher looking for somewhere to bring your class, it’s me you need to talk to!

I joined Bore Place as Director in January 2015 to lead the organisation in working towards its mission to inspire sustainable living, learning and working.

From an early age, environmental issues and an interest in the wider world has defined who I am and the choices I have made about my own life and career. 

Aged 16 I was fortunate to gain a scholarship to attend the United World College of the Atlantic, the founding college of the global education movement and the International Baccalaureate. Environmental issues became a passion which lead to an Environmental Sciences degree at the University of East Anglia and a varied career predominantly with an environmental focus. My roles have included Senior Manager in local government, Executive Director of an environmental charity in London, Defra Advisor and University Lecturer and Researcher. These roles have involved working in the areas of sustainability, environment, waste/resource management, as well as supporting vulnerable people. My challenge now is to use my experience and knowledge, to work with colleagues and partners, to deliver and develop the inspiring organisation that is Bore Place.

I started working at Bore Place in 2012 after 25 years of teaching in both the primary and secondary sector. Having a B.Sc. Hons. in Environmental Science has meant that, as a member of the education team, I am able to develop and share my passion for environmental education (especially pond dipping!)

I started as Grow to Grow Market Gardener in April 2013. I am responsible for the organic vegetable market garden. This includes crop planning, plant propagation, planting, harvesting and sales of all produce. I liaise closely with the Chef to ensure we coordinate the supply of seasonal produce with menus for catered guests in the conference and study centre at Bore Place

I trained and then have always worked in organic vegetable enterprises both in the UK and Ireland.  I'm the person to talk to if you'd like to buy our veg whilst staying here (on holiday, business or social events) or if you are a local business - e.g pubs, restaurants, shops - and interested in purchasing produce from us.

I started at Bore Place in April 1982 when Neil and Jenifer Wates, founders of the Commonwork Trust owned the site. I was employed by them as an Assistant Farm Fitter and I worked on the research and development of the then, new methane digester.  I carried out plant growth trials and formulated the mixes for the compost range "Supernatural" which was produced at Bore Place as a bi-product from the methane digester.

From 2001 I have been responsible for maintenance of the whole site at Bore Place, including our renewable energy installations.

I first came into contact with Bore Place in 2007 whilst on residency with Creative Partnerships. I worked at Creative Partnerships until 2011, placing creative professionals into schools to particpate in cross-curricular learning. During this time I took on an allotment and began to explore the artists’ engagement with ecology and the environment. As a result my work projects became entirely centered outdoors.

I returned to Bore Place in 2010 on a placement to research learning outside the classroom whilst gaining a PGCE in Creative Media. In 2010, I also joined the Education team as a tutor. I now work with a year 10 school group focusing on developing their life skills and I also facilitate weekly sessions with a group of year 11 college students who are taking part in the Arts Award.  This aims to encourage a self-directed approach to accessing the Arts, and links well with work related learning.

Contact me (via if you would like to hear more about how we support the Arts Award.

Florence joined the team as our Marketing and Communications Coordinator in May 2017. More info coming soon...

Before I joined Bore Place I ran an antique shop in the nearby village of Brasted. I did this with my husband for fifteen years and enjoyed it very much. When my children grew up I decided to take a break from this and around the same time a good friend introduced me to Bore Place.  I have worked in the housekeeping team here since 1997. Coming from central London, the beauty of the house, gardens and farm have never failed to impress! Also, the diversity of what happens on site is astounding - from children who visit us from city environments and go away with great memories to the transition to a sustainable, organic dairy farm and gardens which provide work and other opportunities for visitors of all ages. As a member of the housekeeping team, I enjoy meeting many of these visitors on a daily basis.

I first became involved with Bore Place in 2011 through the Education department's link with school gardens, one of which I led at the time. I joined the education team soon after, drawing on years of arts and amateur gardening experience. Beyond Bore Place, I am also a Level 3 Forest School leader, which draws together all my outdoor passions and lends itself well to the work we do here.

I have a background in teaching Art and Design in secondary schools -  6 years in the UK in schools in Milton Keynes and Reading and then 3 years in Kampala, Uganda. I joined Bore Place in 2007, based in Maidstone at the organisation's global education project called Kent and the Wider World. In 2009 the global, sustainability and environmental strands of our education programme joined and we now work together at Bore Place. 

My role at here is largely teaching, both school groups and adult groups. I work with a wide variety of themes from farming and global issues to sustainability, cooking and crafting. Please contact me if you would like to know more about what we can provide for your school within our school visits programme.

I joined Bore Place in 2008. I manage all accounting functions for the whole of the organisation, including payroll, cash flow management and preparation of management and financial accounts. I also have responsibility for day to day maintenance of our IT network.

Prior to joining Bore Place, after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant I worked in various industries at all levels, including Finance Director of a major subsidiary of a large construction group.

Outside of work I enjoy all sports and having previously played cricket at a reasonable level (!) I have now moved into being all round dogsbody for an enthusistaic duo involved in equestrian eventing.

I started my working life as a voluntary conservationist for Trees for Kent, and began volunteering at Bore Place in the early 1990s.  I subsequently took over running the Green Wood Workshop here and also set up my own business in 1998.  As well as running courses at the Green Wood Workshop, I also make and sell baskets, living willow work, continuous fencing and hurdles.  I'm also a tree surgeon and am currently responsible for maintaining the woods at Bore Place. I am primarily a traditional craftsman, using the "underwood” or “coppice-wood” not only to make a living and promote the health and viability of our woodlands but to spread knowledge and enthusiasm for a traditional rural skill.

I joined Bore Place in January 2015 as Venue Manager. I started my working life fifteen years ago as an events organiser within various London hotels and restaurants. I worked on a range of events from corporate meetings to product launches and weddings. Since starting my family ten years ago I developed a keen interest in the ethical and sustainable consequences of my working environment and also a passion for organic produce.  So ten years ago, I decided to invest in an organic box scheme franchise which has fuelled my interest in how we look at the way we work and our choices as consumers. Joining Bore Place has combined my work experience with my personal values.

Please contact me on 01732 463255 or email if you would like to discuss or make a booking in our conference centre or for a self-catering stay. Or complete an enquiry form and I'll get back to in person.

I look forward to hearing from you!

I joined Bore Place in September 2014. I am passionate about education, especially when educating young people towards becoming global active citizens. I studied Social Policy and Sociology at university alongside working as a detached youth worker in Essex and have been fortunate enough to continue my career working on youth empowerment and active citizenship projects in Eastern Europe, Australia and the UK.

In Eastern Europe I set up a youth volunteering network to assist young people to find pathways out of long term unemployment. I returned to the UK in 2000 and worked for the Institute for Citizenship developing projects and educational resources to assist teachers in delivering the new Citizenship Curriculum in schools and FE institutions. In Australia in 2005 I worked on a youth leadership project with vulnerable 15-19 year olds with the aim of building confidence, life and work skills.

I look forward to developing the existing education programmes and engaging with a wider community of schools, community groups and partners so we can share the work we do and further learn from each other.

I joined Bore Place in 2016. I am part of the Housekeeping team looking after the conference centre guests and buildings.

I started at Bore Place in 1995 as a teacher of special needs groups. Since then my role here has expanded and I now tutor various visiting and regular groups of adults and children. My special interest is in land based and environmental studies and Bore Place provides the perfect opportunity to introduce these areas to a wide variety of children.

I have a BEd Hons, specialising in early years, language and speech disorders and special educational needs teaching.  I have been teaching for over 30 years in various local primary and special schools, including four years teaching in a National Autistic Society school in Kent.

I started working at Bore Place in October 2016 as part of the Grow to Grow team. I support the young people who attend the project to learn new skills in horticulture, agriculture, farming, catering, independent living skills, building maintenance and woodwork.

After working all around the world in the British Army for 22 years, I qualified as a Social Worker and before joining Grow to Grow, worked for 4 years with young offenders in Kent. Outside of work, I am a volunteer for the Young Lives Foundation as an independent visitor – I meet with a young person in foster care twice a month for fun activities.

At Bore Place I enjoy working with the young people in a relaxed yet challenging environment and I look forward to suporting them in gaining new skills and life experience.

Please contact Lucy-Anne via

I started working for Bore Place in September 2015. My role is to help local, young people aged 14-25 years, access the opportunities we offer on the "Reaching Out, Reaching In" (RORI) programme which began in Autumn 2015. My remit is to help the young people develop their skills on a practical level. This might include: working in the gardens;  fulfilling fruit and vegetable orders; understanding business processes and developing associated office-based skills.

I have worked with young people with differing needs for many years, including as a youth worker and more recently a key worker for an alternative curriculum project with West Kent YMCA. I have also worked in many homeless projects providing support to people experiencing substance misuse and mental health issues.

Bore Place is a very special and unique organisation that is set in a beautiful and calming environment. Working alongside nature and the elements, this is truly is a little piece of heaven! Since joining, I have learnt lots about gardening and hope to have green fingers very soon! I am also studying for a BSc Psychology degree in my spare time.

I have been working as Garden Coordinator since March 2014.

I trained as a Landscape Architect at Greenwich University. Prior to starting at Bore Place, I was Estate Manager on a 70 acre private estate in Sussex consisting of perennial borders, vegetable potager, ponds, cascades, wildflower meadows and woodlands. I also practised as a freelance garden designer.

The gardens here at Bore Place are designed to benefit both wildlife and people. There are lots of exciting projects underway and planned for the future growth and development of the gardens. Keep an eye on this website, our facebook and twitter pages for updates!

I joined Bore Place in June 2006. I left college with a Higher National Diploma in Agriculture in 1977. Since then I have milked and managed a number of dairy herds mainly in Shropshire.

I have had two breaks from practical farming when I have worked for a milking machine company and also as a breeding advisor for a national cattle breeding company. I am particularly interested in cow breeding, genetic improvement and I enjoy working with our veterinary and agricultural students.

I worked for Commonwork Organic Farm from 1978 - 2015, starting just two years after the organisation began in 1976. I became Farm Managing Director in 1985. My formal qualifications include a National Certificate in Dairying and an Advanced National Certificate in Livestock.

I have many years’ experience in conventional and organic farming and agricultural management, spanning dairy, beef, sheep and arable. I led the farm’s conversion to organic status in the 1990s, achieving Soil Association Certification in 2000. Over the years I have been involved in other projects on site, including more recently, working on our vision of making Bore Place a low carbon site.

I worked closely with colleagues across the organisation, supporting the education, health and garden programmes as well as the farm business.

In 2016, I continue to act as Farming Advisor for Commonwork Organic Farm and I also a regularly volunteer in the organic gardens at Bore Place.

I started at Bore Place as an Assistant Gardener in September 2016.  I have been involved in landscaping and grounds maintenance for the past 12 years and worked for the social housing sector prior to joining the team at Bore Place.

As well as working here, I am studying arboriculture with the aim of eventually specialising in tree surgery.

I joined Bore Place in 2011 as a volunteer gardener, working in the organic vegetable gardens with the Grow to Grow team. I spent 2 years working there, helping to produce and harvest the organic veg for use in the Bore Place kitchens and to sell to local businesses.

In 2013 I went to nearby West Kent College in Tonbridge to do a catering course for a year before returning to Bore Place in my current role as an Apprentice Chef. I now enjoy learning new techniques and skills and also cooking with different ingredients that I wouldn’t normally use.

In 2008 I joined the Bore Place team as a Housekeeper.   This job linked my personal interest in sustainable and ethical issues with my work experience.   I have previously worked as a senior member of staff for a children’s holiday camp and run a chalet in the French Alps during the ski season. 

In 2005 I gained a degree in BA Illustration from Arts University Bournemouth.

I joined Bore Place in July 2015, as Manager for Health and Wellbeing Progammes.  I am working on the Grow to Grow project and the Reaching Out Reaching In (RORI) programme which began in Autumn 2015 and is funded from the Big Lottery. Both projects are working with young people and are centred around our organic market garden.

I come from a background of working with young people for many years, in many different roles, from managing a team in Thanet for Connexions, working with Youth Offending Services, to being a Trustee of a charity for young people.

Working at Bore Place is an amazing opportunity.  I am looking forward to taking the offer that we are making for young people forward, and to bringing new groups and individuals along so we can share this wonderful place with them.

Please contact Sandie via

After graduating from Nottingham Trent University in 2013, I worked in the heritage industry until starting at Bore Place in August 2016. My role here is as a Receptionist and Admin Assistant, which is great as I love meeting people and welcoming them. If you call us, you’ll probably speak to me – I’m looking forward to saying hello!

I joined Bore Place in January 2016 initially as a volunteer and I am now the Venue Administrator.

My career background stems back to working in the design and advertising industry, from client services at advertising agency J Walter-Thompson to financial and operational management at Raymond Loewy Design. My roles gave me invaluable experience and learning to work collaboratively in a team environment. After working in London for 20 years I took a career break to raise three children. Since then I have chaired the Parents Association at Beechwood Sacred Heart School in Tunbridge Wells. Over the past six years I have organised a number of large events, including the Centenary Ball held in the School grounds.

My role at Bore Place is to support my colleague Josie Yems, the Venue Manager with planning large events and to provide administrative support along with managing projects to improve use of our resources. I love the whole ethos of Bore Place and particularly the invaluable support it offers young people.

I have a key responsibility for coordinating weddings at Bore Place, so please contact me on 01732 463255 or email if you would like to discuss or make a wedding booking at our unique venue. Alternatively you can complete an enquiry form and I'll get back to you in person.

I started at Bore Place as a volunteer in 2014 working in the market garden. In May 2016 I started to work part-time to support the Grow to Grow project, continuing to work in the market garden and also on the  Post 16 Education Project.  In 2016 I also completed a degree in horticulture.

I joined Bore Place in March 2017 and am very excited to have the opportunity to work with the fantastic education team as we continue to develop our ‘head, heart and hands’ approach to learning, providing children and young people with inspiring experiences that live long in the memory.

A lifelong passion for wildlife and the great outdoors led me to study Environmental Management at Durham University, and my working life has been spent with charities where I have gained 15 years of experience in environmental education from roles with the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary in southern India, the Field Studies Council in Suffolk, and most recently the Sussex Wildlife Trust.

I believe that human beings are losing a sense of connection with the natural world that sustains us, at a great cost to both health and wellbeing, and see our role here as helping children and young people find pathways to reconnection that will benefit and enrich their lives.

You can find out more about our education programmes here

I started working at Commonwork Farm in 2003 as a Herdsman whilst also studying part-time for an HND in Agriculture at nearby Hadlow College. I qualified in 2005 and then moved full-time into the farm dairy as Processing Manager. In 2011 I returned to work as a full-time Herdsman. I enjoy working with the the herd, ensuring and maintaining productivity and standards of welfare.


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