We aim to help individuals and groups of all ages to explore issues of sustainability in its widest sense – economically, environmentally, socially and politically. We do this by offering hands-on, practical education and experience.


Established in the 1980s, our Education programme offers a variety of hands-on learning around organic and sustainable food and farming, sustainable development, global citizenship, social enterprise and wellbeing. We welcome schools, universities and community groups, as well as running a range of courses and events for the public.

Working together

Our farm offers mentoring and practical assistance to other farms undergoing organic conversion, provides student placements and work experience and regularly receives visitors from the UK and beyond to share experience and expertise in organic farming. 

Developing and sharing skills and experience

We offer young people opportunities to develop work and life skills in the market garden, on the farm and working alongside our chef in our kitchen. We value the input of volunteers and the benefits of volunteering. Opportunities exist across the site – in the gardens, in environmental and administrative work – where volunteers work regularly alongside staff members.

Soil Association - Organic

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