The Four-Fold Path to Your Own Yogurt

Posted by Rachna Jhala on 09th December 2021

A guest blog from Rachna Jhala, founder of Happy Belly Foods. 

If you are reading this blog, you probably already know how essential microbes are to all biological life processes and why probiotic and prebiotic fermented dairy foods like kefir and yogurt pack a powerful health punch.  To add to that, both are very simple and easy to make at home. So absolutely no excuses to not make your own.


If you have a good starter culture making yogurt is literally child’s play.  I learned to make yogurt from my mother before my teens and continue to make it. All it takes is sterile warm milk to which some fresh starter culture is added and then left to incubate in a warm undisturbed space. Yogurt takes about 8 hours to incubate or set and another 4-6 hours to chill and firm up in a refrigerator. That’s it * Sterilise * Inoculate * Incubate * Chill* the 4-Fold Path your own yogurt!


But what if you don’t have some starter culture? Would a pot from the supermarket do? The answer is that you’d have to be very lucky to get a viable yogurt batch that way. Sadly, most commercial yogurt producers use freeze-dried starter cultures to produce their yogurt. These commercial starters produce a single batch of yogurt with an expected outcome. However, they lack regenerative potency and soon the yogurt produced is slimy, stringy, with ‘off’ notes and unviable.


In cultures where most homes make their own yogurt, a ready source of starter yogurt culture is never further away than a neighbour. As mentioned earlier, that is not the case here where almost all yogurt available is produced using freeze-dried culture.  Despair not, all is not lost. You can make a yogurt starter from scratch. It does take a little patience but at the end of it you have a starter culture that is robust and viable and which you can share with your friends with pride.


I will be hosting a workshop at Bore Place where you can  learn to make yogurt from a Happy Belly starter yogurt, learning to develop a starter culture from scratch, a tasting session of Happy Belly yogurt and kefir along with a Q&A session. You will also get a pot of Happy Belly yogurt to take home to enjoy and to use as your starter culture. Go to the event page for full details and to book your ticket today.


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