Teacher Training

We offer a variety of continuing professional development (CPD) training sessions around sustainability and global learning

All our sessions are interactive and include a range of global citizenship resources. Our training can be ‘stand alone’, or sessions can be combined as a sequence of twilights, a half-day or a whole day programme, which can take place in your school or here at Bore Place.

British Values

What makes values “British”? This workshop will help you explore the new government requirements and link the values your school wants to promote with Global Citizenship values and attitudes.

Introduction to global learning (KS1-3)

An exploration of the theory and practice of global learning within a school environment, how to make it work well with your school’s values and attitudes and link with the national curriculum and government requirements.

School Linking (whole school)

Discover the pros and cons of school linking, how to make it work well for your school and how to harness its potential for furthering your schools SMSC/Citizenship and other curriculum areas.

How do we know it’s working?

Using a newly published toolkit funded by the EU and in collaboration with Bore Place and other Development Education Centres - discover activities for measuring our impact as teachers, on pupils’ attitudes. Discuss how we can use what we find out to support the embedding of global learning. The session includes a copy of the resource for each school taking part.

Bespoke training

We can also offer bespoke training to suit the needs of your school.

Contact Julie Easy on 01732 463255 or (education@boreplace.org) to discuss your needs and sign up to our mailing list here.


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