For over 40 years we have worked towards operating as sustainably as possible. From our early commitment to organic farming to our drive to reduce our carbon emissions by generating green energy, Bore Place continues to evolve with a green agenda and a focus on sustainability at its core. We are determined to play our part in creating a better environmental, social and economic future.

Our environmental commitments: 


We are committed to minimising our energy consumption and our carbon emissions and to generating green energy from our own resources. In the past ten years, we have reduced our carbon emissions by 55%. We now generate 45% of our energy needs through our wind turbine, photovoltaic panels and managing our woods to provide woodchip for our heating and our hot water for our farm and buildings.


We manage and process our own waste water and sewage biologically so it can be reintroduced straight back into our streams. We are working towards maximising the capture of rainwater to use on the farm and in our gardens. 


We choose carefully what we buy to avoid and reduce waste, and we reuse, compost and recycle waste wherever possible.   


We farm organically and are committed to eating organically and seasonally, not just because it is beneficial for our wellbeing but because of the wider impact on the environment. 90% of the food we serve at Bore Place is organic. 


We provide electric car charging and encourage car sharing, cycling and minibus assisted public transport access to Bore Place.


We actively manage our woodlands, ponds, field edges and hedgerows to promote wildlife, and to support our protected species, particularly great crested newts and bats. Our organic gardens and wildflower meadows are bee friendly and attract a range of wildlife. Our walking trails across the farm and our gardens enable people to visit and experience our biodiversity. 


Through our work, we are committed to supporting young people to gain the skills they need to secure their own sustainable future. We also share our approach and thinking with all our visitors to raise awareness and demonstrate what is possible. 

You can find out more about our commitments to sustainability here

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