"I have learnt lots of new skills including gardening, cooking, talking more, making friends, getting quicker at doing jobs and feeling more confident"

"I’ve learnt how to control my language and not to get into fights - and DIY skills"

What do we do?

Grow2Grow provides supported placements for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people who are in transition, excluded or recovering from mental health problems, and young people in and leaving care. Young people attend the project for up to two days per week for up to two years. Placements are individually tailored to need and interest. 

Grow2Grow is also a social enterprise growing organic fruit and vegetables, and caring for farm animals and livestock, based on Commonwork's Organic Farm at Bore Place. Young people aged 14-24 attend the project to learn new skills in horticulture, agriculture, farming, catering, independent living skills, building maintenance and woodwork. Through hands-on participation they also learn about social enterprise and project management.

See what we do in our Grow2Grow video.


We work closely with schools, social services, mental health services, YOS, families and networks supporting young people attending Grow2Grow.

'Coming here it’s better than sitting at home doing nothing, I’m doing something and that’s good for my CV.'

'Coming here helps with getting my life back on track. I get stuff off my chest and talk it through. There’s lots of ways of dealing with problems and I seem to be getting through them now.'

Who are we?

Grow2Grow was developed by a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with 20 years' experience working with people with mental health problems in the NHS and in fostering and adoption services.

The team includes an Occupational Therapist, a Gardener and a Psychotherapist with extensive experience working with young people.

Grow2Grow specialises in supporting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people including those with complex mental health problems and young people in, and leaving care. The Grow2Grow team has specialist experience in these areas.  All staff, trainees and volunteers receive training and weekly supervision.


Referrals can be made by parents, self-referral, teachers, social workers, GPs, Community Mental Health Teams etc. If you would like to refer a young person to Grow2Grow, please contact Andrew Dixon at AndrewD@BorePlace.org or call 01732 463255. Download our referral form